Pumping up for the CAHSEE

The California High school exist exam (CAHSEE) is a required test that California students have to take and pass in order to receive a High school Diploma.

This test helps ensure that students graduate from high school with grade level skills in reading, writing, and math.

The students first take this test in tenth grade. If they fail to pass the test the first time, they have many more chances to take it during their remaining high school years.

Animo Pat Brown offers a class called CAHSEE Prep for students who do not pass the test the first time. The class reviews subjects that appear in the CAHSEE in order to lead them to success the second time they take it.

Sophomore students first take the CAHSEE in March. Every year, the score at Animo Pat Brown has improves.

In the year 2010, 74% of the students passed the CAHSEE. Last year 2011, 80% of students passed the test. However, 60% of students scored proficient or advanced, which is a record from the previous year.

These were the best results seen at Animo Pat Brown so far.

Sophomore Jasmin Zendejas said “I feel good about taking the CAHSEE because I consider myself a well-rounded student.”

Most students feel comfortable and capable of passing the CAHSEE.

Senior, Jose Manzo said he thought the CAHSEE was long and boring “but I still passed it”.

Believing in oneself may be the first step to passing the CAHSEE.

“I did have confidence when I took the CAHSEE the fist time” said Manzo.

This year, the CAHSEE will be advertised very well at Animo Pat Brown.

Stepan Mekhitarian,the Administrator in residence at Animo Pat Brown, will help promote the CAHSEE by planning and creating a CAHSEE rally.

“I think this rally will help encourage more sophomores to perform better in the CAHSEE” said Mehkitarian.

Everyone is helping encourage students to do better on the CAHSEE.

“There will be several components to the rally like information about the test, strategies to be used when taking the test and a pump up piece that will help encourage sophomores” said Mehkitarian

Other strategies that will help encourage students by putting up informational posters. “Along with the rally, we will put posters all over the school and a count down of the days left before sophomores take the CAHSEE” said Mehkitarian

The CAHSEE buzz around the school will help encourage sophomore teens to pass the CAHSEE the first time they take it and allow then to graduate.

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