Bullying To The Limit

No matter what the reason is, a person should never be bullied. Over the years, we have learned that bullying causes nothing but negative impacts on the victim’s self esteem. A victim of bullying may feel pain to the point where he/she will suffer and maybe even lead to death. About a year ago, a girl named Amanda Todd committed suicide because she was getting cyber bullied. Social Networks are meant for people to communicate with each other as friends. Now a days, teenagers use social networks to put their personal issues out there for everyone to see. Victims of bullying easily have suicidal thoughts.

Another girl named Rebecca Sedwick recently committed suicide as well. This girl was also being cyber bullied on Facebook by plenty of other girls. Rebecca was only 12 years old before the tragedy happened. The bullies who tormented her were arrested for “aggravated stalking” according to Polk County Sheriff’s office. Because of this and previous cases, Florida has a bullying law in which they leave punishment to schools.

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