Teen faces the chances of going 5 years to life in prision

On april 15 Jacob Lavoro, a teenager that lives in Texas may be charged with first degree felony due to using hash oil when baking brownies. Hash oil is a thick liquid that is produced when hashish or marijuana is disintegrated in solvents like petroleum ether, alcohol, acetone or butane. After police searched Lavoro’s house they found 1,675 in cash, 660 grams of baked goods (9 bags of brownies and 6 bags of cookies) and 16 ounces of marijuana. The state of texas weighed the brownies as a whole due to the use of hash oil to calculate the weight of the drugs. The state of Texas, the court wanted to sentence the teenager to five years to life in prison. Many people found it to be outrageous “That’s higher than the punishment range for sexual assault, higher than the punishment range for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,” Jamie Spencer, legal counsel for NORML’s Texas chapter, said. “It’s kind of crazy.”  Lavoro was held in Williamson County Jail and released on May 7 on a $30,000 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 19. The people of Texas will remember this incident due to the amount of absurbed decisions made.

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