Mother Kills Her Own Children


In Torrance, California, Tuesday, May 20,2014 three young little kids were found dead by their grandmother, killed by their own mother. It has been said that she might had been on drugs or on some kind of substance.The three little girls of ages 2 months, 2 years, and 3 years old were said to be killed with a kitchen knife her mother used to murder her kids. It still hasn’t been said what caused her to kill her own kids. It was mentioned that the mother of the three kids, named Carol Coronado called her mother saying she was going insane. She is currently pregnant.The father was said to be outside of the house when this incident had happened having no clue what had happened to his kids.


They’re still not sure if she was actually on something. What caused her to kill these innocent little girls? What was going through her mind? So many question, but still no answers, now it’s too late for these little girls. She  was sent to the hospital for an evaluation to see if there is actually something wrong with her, currently waiting for her trial for her murdering her own children that still awaits.

Children now are the ones in most danger for the reason that they are the ones most exposed with all those moments their parents have. Their children should be more supervised and showed that they are loved instead of them being tortured and abused. The only solution to this problem would be that other people make sure that if they see something wrong they should report it as soon as possible.

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