2014 APB Carnival

Animo Pat Brown always celebrate another year being close to done by having a carnavel. This is truly a day many students get excited for. One of the reasons why they are excited about this day is because of all the activities that there is to do. Some of these activities include a dunk tank, making friendship bracelets, fortune reading, and much more. This is the last year for the class of 2014 to enjoy the carnival. Many seniors participate in spirit week. This happens the days leading up to the carnival and each day has a different theme that have slight changes each year. This spirit week started on a Wednesday, with the theme being black & white day. The theme for the following day, Thursday, was twin day. Then on Friday, also known as the day of the carnival, the theme was throwback day meaning that you can dress up like people from past decades.  Each year incoming freshman think that the carnival is going to be a huge thing and are disappointed on what they see. In the end they have no other option but to enjoy what is provided because after all the carnival is on a Friday and we have one less class that we attend.

This year we noticed that the senior class was the class with the most school spirit. This might be the last year that the seniors can enjoy this yearly event we call the carnival but they surely enjoyed it more than pass year. We notice that each day had more and more people getting into the school spirit. In the start of the week the halls were filled of people dress for the occasion, only wearing black and white. The following day the halls were filled with people matching with their friends for twin day. Then as the week came to a close we saw the hallways filled with people dressed how they believe people dress from a certain decade. This day is the most anticipated by people because this particular theme never changes and they can try something new each time. This day also includes all the carnival were the students have the opportunity to spend time with their friends to enjoy all the things available.

By: Melissa Gonzalez & Joana Osorio



Twin Day Senior Janet Lopez & Estephanie Ozuna


Twin day Senior Daisy Cuevas & Maribel Morales

Twin Day Jose Gonzalez & Jennifer Martinez

Twin Day Senior Jazmin Flores & Lucia Gutierrez




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