Infant hurt during grande explosion


On Wednesday May 28, police raided a house in search of drugs. Due to the individuals past record drug sales and knowledge of weapons in the residence, agents conducting the raid requested a “no-knock” warrant. The agents threw a flash grenade into the residence, landing into a 2 year old’s play pen. The infant suffered burns in the face and chest after the grenade exploded in his playpen where he was sleeping. The  infant was induced into a comma and has a 50% chance of survival. Agents were unable to find Thometheva, who wasn’t even in the residence at that time and was later apprehended at another location. The police officer involved in the raid told news reporters that, “We would obviously would have done things different,” Terrell said, “We might have gone in through a side door.… We would not have used a flash bang.”, after the incident. The family of the infant is currently seeking donations to help pay for the cost of the numerous surgeries required.


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