5 Teens die in a horrifying accident on the 5 freeway

5 Teenagers involved in the car crash coming back from Knotts Scary Farm Route 133 saturday 2:15 am. A 16 year old along with 5 teenage passengers were coming back from Knotts Scary Farm in Buena park  this saturday ABC recalls  “ The car flew off Interstate 5 in Irvine, crashed and caught fire, killing three teenage boys and two teenage girls (ABC News).  All 5 passengers lost their lives , the only survivor was the 16 year old driving , he was severely  injured and had brain surgery being left in serious but stable condition. Apparently the driver did not have a drivers permit and if so he still wouldn’t be allowed to drive between these hours of the day especially without an adult with a license present.  Cbs News Stated “Witnesses told officers the white four-door BMW went off the road airborne, landing on a retaining wall and bursting into flames. It took fire crews 30 minutes to put out the fire that spread for about a quarter of an acre  (CBS Los Angeles).It is still unclear if the crash was in part because of Alcohol involved or any other factors that would have contributed to this accident . The 3 boys attended Capo Valley High School All  of the boys Matthew Melo , Bandon Moreno and Alex Sotelo played on a soccer club team together in Mission Viejo the next morning they were absent to their game and when the coach and other teammates found out about the tragic incident the game was suspended . The two girls Jenny Campos and Jennifer Bahena assisted Laguna Hills High School classmates and family members,who grieved over the loss, organized a vigil in their honor. The families are devastated and other people were horrified by the scene and surprised  their lives were taken at such a young age. One of the girls who passed away in the accident had recently turned 15, Her mom said that, that night she stayed out later at knotts with her friends without permission. She shared this with authorities in the hope that they will send out a message to other people and teens  she said  ¨if theres any teens that go out make sure to tell your parents the truth.  (Cbs News ) This is so other teens can think before going out and be careful .  What are your thoughts on the story leave comments below

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