Valentines Day gets mixed opinions from APB students

February 14th is a day most people who are in love circle on their calendars to remind them to shower their partners with gifts, chocolates, and flowers. Valentine’s Day is a day many of us enjoy celebrating. Conversely, this is certainly not the case for people who are single. Overall the majority use that day to  have a good time with their partner by showing their  appreciation through gifts and extra affection.

One such student is sophomore Aldair Rojas  spends time with his girlfriend if he has one, buys her something special that day and he considers it a holiday.“We need love in the world” Aldair says. “And we should give ‘extra love’ that day.”

A similar message was given from APB teachers. Mrs. Espiritu and her husband take this time to enjoy each other’s company. “We cook for each other” says Espiritu. “it’s true that you should show your significant other affection everyday.” Espiritu says. “But only on Valentines Day you get special gifts. It’s not like any other day not just  show appreciation to your love one but your loved ones as well as family and friends”


It’s clear that everyone has slightly different opinions. Some get excited about that day if they have a significant other to spend the time with. Others think it shouldn’t be a day to give recognition to your partner only , but also to appreciate your family and friends.


On the other hand It’s not only the lonely hearts that bash Valentine’s Day. Some teachers at Animo Pat Brown hold negative feelings about February 14th


“ It is an absurd day because you should show your partner appreciation everyday” says APB Art teacher Paul Botello. “Not just wait till Valentines Day to have a token of appreciation.” Botello continued. “Valentines Day is just a capitalist day to make money off people”


Those who do not have a significant other are usually the ones who are annoyed when Valentines shows up and share Mr. Botello’s sentiment. But jokingly  they admit that if they had someone to spend that day with maybe they would look more forward to that day.

“When I don’t have someone to be with  I just stay home and eat.” Junior Kayla Michel says. “I don’t mind but when I have  a boyfriend I get luckier because I get free food. This Valentines i’ll be eating alone though if my friends don’t do anything “

Clearly APB is split about their feelings towards Valentine’s Day some feel it is a nice day to give someone more attention than you usually do. Others say you should do that everyday but lets be honest you don’t buy your partner flowers everyday or shower them with gifts maybe  every now and then. But  valentines doesn’t have to be a day to spend with a boyfriend or girlfriend it can be with friends and loved ones. is not all about romantic love . You can show a friend how much they mean to you or make someones day with a simple token of appreciation.

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