Bruce Jenners Sex Change

There have been some  ongoing rumors about 65 year old  Bruce Jenner U.S. track and field athlete and current television figure wanting to be of the opposite sex and they  have finally been confirmed. The revelation was made in Chapter 13 of the Kardashians reality show “Keeping up with The Kardashians” when Bruce had a reunion with his 2 daughters Kylie and Kendall and his 3 step daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney he decided to openly admit  that he had made the decision to get a sex change. However this was not  as surprising for the sisters and everyone else. People were already starting to speculate about  Bruce’s sexuality since he had been doing things that made one question about his preferences. Previous to this he had started to grow his hair, paint his nails, and color his lips. This made people think something else was going on . He has finally admitted he is a transgender, which many people confuse  with being gay although, there’s a big difference.

The  sexuality of a transgendered individual might be “straight”  If a transgender man is attracted to women,  and if a transgender woman is attracted to men, then she’s straight. According  to doctors who explain the  transition experience there are many more steps involved in this transition. Transgender Individuals deal with body dysphoria is a mental state in which has to do with an individual dissatisfaction with, which come in hand with  social acceptance issues.Transgender individuals use medical services more often due to their body needing  hormones, surgeries, voice, facial hair, therapy, etc.. heavy doses of estrogen a hormone produced by females for the development and growth of a female’s sexual characteristics; this hormone is that can be injected to transgender individual to help with the characteristics of becoming a woman. As for Bruce it cannot be deduced, since he is still  in a transformation stage were skin changes, breasts grow, voice becomes more feminine body fat is redistributed and sometimes even permanent brain changes happen. The process he is going through is difficult for his family to comprehend.

There are various opinions held at APB, most are surprised to hear this, “I would value their guts to make this type of decision” Office manager Tirsa Barbero says. “and tell everyone because people live with things all their lives that they keep to themselves they probably don’t identify themselves to be comfortable with what they are so they long to be someone else.”

Others however did not seem as shocked, Campus Security Johnson says “ Its peoples right to do what what they want to do, but i think god made you a certain way and you should embrace the way you were made, but whether we agree or disagree like i said, its peoples choice. I would be supportive and be happy for them because they are happy for themselves . People do it because they are not happy with something on their body, they  often try to  perfect themselves”.

Similarly Art teacher Paul Botello says, “I’m very open minded, if its gonna make somebody happy and is not hurting anybody then go for it. I grew up catholic  with all these rules and regulations, do this or don’t do that, but there’s a lot of things I don’t agree with. I believe in equality for all and if is equality for all ; blacks, straight, gay, or transgender  you got to let everyone. If you love someone you have unconditional love ; love them no matter what . Today there are still a lot of prejudices, against black people and Mexicans, so I don’t want to be a person that judges anybody. I personally wouldn’t do it I don’t believe in cosmetic surgery i don’t care for that because is not my style , but if somebody wants to do that and it makes  them happy I don’t have any problem with it I shouldn’t put my feelings onto others”

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