The Charlie Challenge

Charlie Challenge

A new trend has swept the internet over the weekend. It’s much like the Kylie Jenner challenge and the blue/gold dress trend debate. This trend has been played back in the day in the 90s. The new trend involves 2 pencils and a piece paper. The paper has 4 boxes with yes and no, and the pencils line up with the paper in form of a x. Then the person whom laid out the pencils needs to call out for “charlie” twice.


Some say that there is a scientific explanation to this random pencil motion. Other say it is in fact a spirit whom moved the pencil like the Ouija board.


We interviewed Ms. Roselman, chemistry teacher of Animo Pat Brown and she does not believe in this charlie challenge. She believes the pencil fell or the wind moved it. She also said that if the person wasn’t balanced correctly it could have rolled off. We asked her if she believed in evil spirits her response was, “ Yes, but not in the charlie charlie challenge”.


In an interview with Kayla Michel she said that she believes in evil spirits. Kayla Kayla Michel, student at APB.has experienced a time with evil spirits and she believes that the charlie does in fact exist. Her logical

explanation for the pencils moving is charlie. We asked her is she believed in paranormal activity her answer was, “  Yes because stuff has happened to me”.


Jonathan Morales, a senior in Animo Pat Brown said that he is skeptical about the charlie challenge. His logical theory is physics and when he did the challenge nothing happened. We asked him if he believes in spirits and his response was, “ At times I believe, but not most of the time”.


In an interview with Bryant Gutierrez, he does not believe in evil spirits. When he played the charlie challenge with twigs, the top one moved to the other side. We  asked him if he believed in evil spirits, his answer was, “ I am an atheist and I question all of that”.


In conclusion, other people have different explanations for this phenomenon. But no one will ever know for sure this is true. There is one thing for certain no one is safe!
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