Thanksgiving Traditions

by: Cindy Gonzalez & Jasmin Corona

Thanksgiving is an annual tradition that is celebrated each year with one’s family. This is an important holiday for families because it gives them an opportunity to be surrounded by their loved ones and give thanks. Thanksgiving is celebrated in many different ways, each family has their own choice of food that they choose to make.

Some families have different traditions. Some eat turkey and others eat ham or both.  During Thanksgiving dinner, some eat as a family others have parties. But others are camping out for Black Friday.

Students and teachers at APB each have their own traditions. APB teacher, Ms. Roselman, celebrates Thanksgiving at her parent’s house in Bakersfield. She says that, “I have family come from the Philippines and the day after Thanksgiving, we all put the Christmas tree together”. She adds that her favorite dish is candy yams, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows and her least favorite thing about Thanksgiving is eating turkey every day after Thanksgiving Day.  APB teacher Mr. Pickering, alternates locations each year. He adds that, “on the Monday of the week Thanksgiving, we start cooking, our family brings their favorite dishes to eat Thursday night”.  He adds that a tradition his family has is making turkey sandwiches from leftovers on the Friday after Thanksgiving. His least favorite thing to do is wash dishes afterwards.


APB student, Jazmin celebrates Thanksgiving with Salvadoran family by eating panes de pavo, turkey sandwiches. A tradition the have is play football in the backyard. She says that, “I like Thanksgiving because it’s chill and relaxed”. She adds that her least favorite thing about Thanksgiving is meeting family she doesn’t know. “It’s awkward because they remember me but I have no clue who they are”.  

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful day to be with your family and friends to make new memories. Not to mention the leftovers after Thursday and the food comas. These traditions are what make a family unique, and will be kept on for further generations.

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