Fallout 4 Review

By: Jesse Espinoza, David Garcia

In 2008 a game called Fallout 3 was released and 2010 Fallout New Vegas was released. It’s been 5 long years since players could explore a new fascinating apocalyptic world. Fans no longer have to wait, Fallout 4 is ready to explore.

Fallout 4 was released 2 weeks back and everyone couldn’t wait to explore the new open world role playing game. With Fallout’s past hits, it’s no wonder why fans were so eager to play another game in
the series. David Padilla, a student at APB states, “I’ve waited such a long time for this game to be released. The anticipation just kept on growing as the game came closer to its release date.”


Fallout 4 takes place in an apocalyptic world due to all of the atomic wars that took place in the past. David mentions, “I could not believe how beautiful the game looked. It was so visually stunning, and that’s just from one hour of playing it.” Your character is locked away in a vault (people who paid their fee were allowed to wait here until the wars and nuclear catastrophes ended). As soon as the character enter this vault,  you are told to put on a vault suit and enter a changer, in which you are going to be cryogenically frozen.


When you are frozen you accidently wake up and experience something very upsetting but then gets frozen again, this is what drives your main goal throughout the game. You then wake up 200 years later in the future knowing little to nothing about what happened


Once these events take hand, the character is released from the vault and free to explore and make friends and enemies with whoever they feel deserves it.


Although the game’s main story is for the character to obtain his/her child again, it is very difficult to stay focused due to it’s amazing side quests and many places that the player could explore. This can get quite overwhelming for someone who has just starting so we recommend that the player takes things slow and try to level up as much as possible. The more the player levels up and builds
experience points, the easier the game will be. David states, “I’d have to give the game a perfect score, it’s too perfect for it to receive anything lower.”

Fallout 4 is an amazing game and with so many things to do and explore, we don’t see fans getting bored any time soon.

The verdict: Fallout 4


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