The Truth behind the fastest man Alive

By: Joanna Juarez and Jennifer Zepeda

Lightning fast, a red blur is what people describe him as when they think about the Flash.

To his friends and family members he is known as Barry Allen a normal intelligent human who works in the field of Forensic Science. This is the moment a father figure turns out to be one of the worst villains one could ever face. Who would’ve realized that in the end his mentor would turn on him?

The fastest man alive was given the power of abnormal speed by Dr. Wells also known as The Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash is a speedster from the future who has returned to the past to kill Barry Allen. This would change the future by removing The Flash(Barry Allen) from existence. Through all the training and encouragement that was given to Barry by Dr.Wells, we discover that Dr.Wells had murdered Barry’s mother. Little by little Dr.Wells began to show his true colors in the last episode of season 1, Well’s was “defeated”.

Throughout Allen’s journey he encounters multiple metahumans who will either try to murder him or try to avoid him in order to survive. During his journey, Barry cross path with another flash from a different dimension who helps him defeat a metahuman from his dimension. As the second season begins, the show slowly pulls one into the show that is getting more and more intense and causes you to gasp and wonder what there is to come. The second the episode finishes, people are left with that unanswered question and have to wait until the next episode. This suspense is always left off and answered later in the show and is just there to keep the audience entertained waiting to see what happens next. It makes the show much more interesting because it is unpredictable.


Students at APB are curious of the show and started watching the tv series. “The show is getting very interesting” said Sigifredo Soto senior student at APB “[I] hope that the show gets more intense especially in the fight scenes”.

As well as students, teachers are also getting involved into this series. “Don’t really know much about the show but [I] know enough to expect to see some action” said Andrew Mendoza a fellow teacher at APB.

As time passes more and more people are being pulled into the tv series The Flash.


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