New Open Gun Carry Law in Texas

By Michelle Gomez


A new law in Texas allows people to openly display their handguns in open public area.

Because the Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms, people can legally own guns.This includes California, although, California law does not allow people
to openly carry guns in public spaces.
Students in Animo Pat Brown believe that a similar law like the one in Texas should not be considered in California gun laws.

Jailene Lopez, a student in Animo Pat Brown believes that it would be a bad idea to have these same gun laws in California. “There is a lot of violence due to the gun control issues and having this law will cause more violence and cause more innocent lives”

Many students believe that Texas gun laws can cause dangerous situations to occur.

Jailene believes it is not necessary for people to take their guns wherever they go for self defense because it is the job of the police to take care of any problems involving the safety of people .She believes, “having guns is extremely dangerous, it can be misplaced and a kid can grab it then another tragedy can occur.”

A law like the one in Texas would essentially cause more threat to the safety of people than protect them from danger. California would not be prepared for a new gun law similar to Texas because as it is already, gun violence is a huge problem in the United States. Having more guns would not protect people but in the end would cause more problems for people.

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