Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

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The year 2015 is gone for good and 2016 has arrived with many New Year’s Resolutions in the US. Sometimes people succeed in accomplishing their new year resolutions however, others fail miserably. Many people have different resolutions, moreover, this year people plan to do things they never accomplished in the year 2015.

A common resolution for people is planning to lose weight. People plan to lose weight to be healthy and be confident in their own skin. Studies show that when people are active they reduce their risk of certain types of cancers. It also helps increase their longevity, achieve and maintain weight loss, enhance mood, lower blood pressure, and it even prevents arthritis. Overall, exercising helps people be healthy and makes them feel and look better.

Another popular resolution in America is to spend more time with friends and family. People plan to meet with friends to have long-awaited conversations. People are usually busy and spend less time with their friends and family. Therefore, this year they plan to spend more time with them. They believe that school is a priority but so is their happiness. In addition, Americans plan to improve their organizational skills with their work this year.

In Animo Pat Brown, some students have similar new year’s resolutions as most Americans. For example, APB students plan to stay healthy by eating healthier foods.

An anonymous APB sophomore student declared, “My new year resolution would be to hopefully accomplish the resolution I planned last year which is to eat healthier.” He stated that in order to accomplish his resolution he will tell his mom not to give him money. He explained that it will be challenging because he is addicted to certain “junk foods.” He also mentioned that he planned not to procrastinate in his classes like he did last year. 

Daisy Bracamontes, APB senior, asserted that her new year resolution is “to help student council make the best year for everyone and make a lot of progress so I can finally finish my last year of high school.” As many other seniors, Daisy plans to pass all her classes to graduate high school. 

When asked what were her last year resolutions she explained that her last year resolutions were “to pass 11th grade second semester and 12th grade first semester with a GPA of 3.7 or higher and end her fear of asking questions.” 



APB students after school

This year, many students plan to obtain a high GPA. They comprehend that colleges examine their GPA in order to accept them to college. Therefore, they are trying to keep their GPA as high as they can and seniors are trying to maintain their GPA.  

Furthermore, many students plan to be assertive  in asking questions. Certain students struggle with this because they are shy. They plan to be courageous and ask questions when they have them.

Americans, all have unique resolutions they hopefully want to accomplish for this new year. Particularly, in Animo Pat Brown, students plan not to procrastinate like in the past years and to obtain a higher GPA.Some students also plan to open up and get rid of their shyness.Others plan to stay healthy by eating the right foods to stay healthy for the year of 2016.

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