New Colored Hall Pass Policy

By: Jesse Espinoza, David Garcia

There are so many rules in this school and now this. Coming back from winter break, students don’t expect many changes to be made and because of this, many of them are surprised to hear that there’s a new rule at the school. The new rule consists of two colored hall passes, blue and yellow. Having a certain color means that the student who is using the pass is restricted to a certain area around the school.


Everyone might be wondering why the school added this new policy. The answer is pretty simple, people abused the bathroom pass so the school had no choice but to add restrictions. Our principal Mr. Hartford states, “We noticed that more students are taking extra laps and during that time they are sometimes engaging in activities with their friends.”


There are consequences for those who decide to not follow the new school policy. Hartford states, “the student will receive a verbal warning but there is no direct consequence .” There might not be a direct consequence but if a student continues to abuse the pass then he/she might end up getting in trouble.


There is a wide range of opinions from students concerning the colored hall passes. Due to it being a new rule, most of the student’s opinions are quite negative. Students believe that there shouldn’t be a new rule because the school offers so many restrictions that adding another policy would just make the school feel like prison.


We were able to sit down with a couple of students to see what their opinion on the subject is. Our first student, who disagreed to be named, believes that the new policy is completely pointless and should be taken away immediately.


The second student, named Gabriel Quezada had a completely different opinion. He believed that the new school rule is a good thing. He states, “I think it’s fair since last semester was a mess. Students were taking advantage and essentially ditching class.”


Some students see the benefits of the new policy while others view it as completely pointless.

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