New Hampshire Primary

The New Hampshire primary took place on February 9, 2016. New Hampshire is the first primary state. Unlike the Iowa caucus, New Hampshire is a primary where it is organized by the state board of elections instead of political parties where anonymous ballots are cast at voting locations.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won first place by thirty five percent while surprisingly John Kasich won second place by almost sixteen percent of the votes. Cruz won third place with fourteen percent due to the fact that New Hampshire is not as conservative and evangelical like Iowa is.

Marco Rubio got almost eleven percent votes and finished in fifth place after Bush. In the Iowa caucus he had finished third place and was hoping to win second place in the New Hampshire primary.The debate before the New Hampshire primary could have been one of the reasons why Marco Rubio got fifth place. In the debate, Rubio continued to repeat the same line four times and people began to compare him to a programed robot.

It is still not clear on the republican side who will win the presidential candidacy at this point. It is unclear if any other  republican presidential candidate will drop out of the race any time soon.

On the democratic side, Bernie won by sixty percent votes. Unlike the Iowa caucus, where Hilary barely beat Sanders, Bernie won about twenty two percent more votes than Hilary. According to the polls, this was no surprise at all that Sanders won because he appeals to many young voters.

The next debate for republicans is in South Carolina while the next debate for democrats is in Nevada.

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