Zoolanders 2: Why the Sequel?

By Erik Reyes and Carlos Samayoa

Zoolander 2  is the long awaited sequel to the original, not so famous, Zoolander movie released in September 28, 2001. If this movie title does not ring a bell, let this article summarize it a little. The story is about male models who are brainwashed into becoming hit-men. This movie is powered by a comedy genre that creates a satisfactory feeling to the person watching by providing a satire on what we find absurd, such as the satire on the fashion industry through the film involvement of Zoolander becoming a pawn in an attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia by corrupt fashion executives.”

Famous IMDb has rated the first Zoolander a 6.6 out of 10.0 which really isn’t that great of a rating…

Although a 6.6 does not seem like a perfect rating, many movie fanatics comments’ actually demonstrate otherwise. For instance users reviewed it 9/10, 8/10, and so on.

Synefra, a die hard fan of Zoolander mentioned that “You are going to see a movie that is exactly the kind of humor that is exactly the kind of humor that the preview TELLS and SHOWS you it contains.”

Ryan, a not so optimistic reviewer made a complete turn around about the movie and said “When I first saw this I was expecting a total disaster of a movie…What I ended up doing was laughing so much I nearly died”

Perhaps the movie didn’t get such a good rating because of the movie complex/deep meaning that many missed, or perhaps it was just the comedic plot that isn’t really meant to be taken seriously.

Nevertheless, the sequel was made. But why? Usually only movies who’ve gotten mass media attention or revenue from the Original go onto making the sequel. Zoolanders in itself never got huge media base following that pushed for a sequel. However they did anyways.

In fact, Ben Stiller was actually excited when he actually got the green light for it! As Ben Stiller mentioned in an article by Bennett Marcus, “It takes real cojones to make a sequel to a movie that grossed so little money the first time around” which makes people think otherwise about movies that perhaps don’t seem that great! For example, uprising movies like Deadpool which took 11 years by Ryan Reynolds to push for the green light for the movie. Even Grey, the CEO of Paramount Pictures,“Zoolander became so popular after it came out, on video, and now in digital. And anyway, I’m a big fan of Ben, and I was always a big fan of the movie. It was just something that I always wanted to do, so I was so happy to have the chance to work with Ben and make it happen.”

So why the sequel and why should it matter?

The reason why the sequel was made was probably to entertain those who enjoyed it when the first zoolander came out. Many people might have disliked it and even hated it, but there is a great number of people who really loved it. Despite all of its negative reviews, Zoolander 2 was still able to fill in the last piece of satisfaction for those who awaited it for 15 years and has even turned around some haters.

Even if this movie did not matter for the eyes of many, it mattered to the eyes of entertainment and laughter and inspired many to keep on pushing movie makers into following their dreams of creating movies that may not have the largest media attention.


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