Worth Watching? Fuller House.

By: Jesse Espinoza, David Garcia

Everyone has that one family show that they grew up with. Whether it was George Lopez or some other popular hit, most teens can remember what it was like to watch a show with the family, sharing a few laughs. The show that seems to be the most popular seems to be Full House.

People can rejoice when they realize that there will be a sequel to the show called Fuller house. The show includes every character from the previous show despite Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who both played the character Michelle.

The show is set way after the previous one and it focuses on the life of one of the daughters. Despite the show’s focus on the new family, fans can expect to view just as much as the former characters as the new ones. Monica Hernandez, a student at APB states, “I’m looking forward to watching the characters reunite. It was a let down that the Olsen twins did not accept to be on the show.”

People have high expectations when it comes to this show. Full house was a part of people’s childhood’s so the writers of the show have a giant shoe to fill. People expect to see comedy and a bunch of emotion. That was a main focus of full house, the family always has a problem they have to face and by the end of the show the fans are meant to feel emotional and good inside because the family always manages to overcome any obstacle. An 11th grader named Luis Chavez states, “watching the show with my family should be a nice experience, I can’t wait to see everyone grown up.”

Directing the show might however be a problem. Directing has come a long way since the 70’s so the same cheesy way the show is formatted may not appeal to the audience of today. People did not have to be the sharpest tool in the box to understand the show. Shows now are far superior to what people might have considered entertaining back in the day.

The show has been out for a few days now and the entire season is on Netflix. If you were a former fan or even if you have only heard of it, Fuller House was an anticipated show and is way worth a try.

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