Art Therapy at APB



by Miguel Verduzco, Cindy Gonzalez, Jasmin Corona 

On Wednesday, March
2nd, muralist, Fabian Debora, came to Animo Pat

brown to share is tile project. He goes to different schools and asks students to paint tiles that represent their souls throughout the community.

These tiles are being displayed on a tile wall and on a website where people can click on a tile and know a little bit about their person who created it

Fabian Debora grew up in Boyle Heights, where he was surrounded by violence. He found art as an escape. Although he was following his father’s negative footsteps, he still managed to turn his life around for something better.

Fabian Debora was inspired to become a muralist by APB’s own art teacher, Mr. Botello and his brother David Botello.

His goal is to inspire people around the world how art is a positive impact with a deep meaning.  “Art is art as long as it comes from the heart”- Fabian Debora.

APB teacher, Villagomez took the opportunity to take part in Fabian’s tile project.“This experience was very therapeutic. Although, I wasn’t stressed this activity allowed me to clear my thoughts”. He also mentioned how he does not normally sit down and paint, but he took the time to express what was currently on his mind.

Was APB junior, Karen L. felt that art therapy was very effective because she was able to express her emotions freely with an object that symbolized an important person in her life. She also implied “I wish there could have been more time to work on our art”.

Another APB junior, Oscar Chavez also found Fabian as an inspirational figure because he enjoyed the fact that he came from the ghetto and was able to use his past experiences to make something of himself. Oscar dedicates his art piece to his friends that have perished.

Overall, the students that participated in this project thought this was a great experience and should become a regular event on campus. It helps students who have a difficult time in opening up to others and overcome that fear of revealing  their true emotion to others.


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