By: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Zepeda and Joanna Juarez

A night of dreams, A night at Gatsby or A midnight in Paris are all reminders of one special night for all seniors, prom. This year Animo Pat Brown seniors have decided to not go with the traditional prom themes and go for 007.  The idea may seem kind of bizarre but people still seem to be excited for May 14th. Prom is just around the corner and not all seniors are prepared for what is to come on that memorable day.

Senior, Jazmin Ramirez said “ I do have my dress and my outfit does not follow the theme”. Jazmin already has the biggest part to be officially ready for Prom of 2016, the outfit. Other seniors like Kayla Michel stated that they did not yet have their outfits for prom, they each have different reasons why. Kayla said “I do not have my dress because my mom has been lagging to take me dress shopping”, therefore what is holding many seniors just like Kayla back from getting their dress is that their parents are not taking them on time. Most senior boys have not got there tuxedos yet either, senior Anthony Alcala claims that he has not went tuxedo shopping because “I’m waiting just in case I have a date”. Most senior guys are waiting to see whether or not they will be taking a princess to prom before buying their tux.

Most senior girls expect the unexpected and dream of a prom proposal, but not everyone desires to be placed in a situation like that. Some do not expect to receive a prom proposal at all or by this point have lost the hope of a dreamy prom proposal. Most guys assume that because they are with that girl they do not need to do a prom proposal, like no you do. Make your girl happy for change and give her that attention that she deserves because she is your queen and the love of your life. However, not all guys appear to have the same opinion about a prom proposal. Anthony claims that the idea of a prom proposal “is a great experience on both parts the one being asked and the one asking”. Girls expect something big and exciting, Kayla stated “My idea of a prom proposal is a guy asking the girl to prom in front of the school” and Kayla like most senior girls did have the desire of a prom proposal. Jazmin on the other hand did not want a prom proposal.

Prom is a one of a lifetime event when you’re a senior, yes you can go to others but you can not go to your prom twice. Making prom memorable is a must when the day arrives. Jazmin believes that she will not find out what will make prom memorable “until it is actually a memory”, pretty deep.  Other seniors would like certain things to happen in order for it to be memorable Kayla said “Something that would make prom memorable would be slow dancing with my boyfriend, having fun with him and with my closest friends, bomb food of course”. Anthony believes that something that would make his night memorable if having a great time with his friends.

Only 3 weeks left till prom is here and Kayla seems to not be ready for prom at all she claims she does not know what she will wear nor the hairstyle and makeup she wants. Anthony and Jazmin claim to not be ready for prom either, so what exactly would help out the seniors be ready to receive prom and not sweat it anymore? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Congratulations class of 2016, you’re almost to the finish line and have a great night at prom.

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