How Prepared Are You For An Earthquake?

Earthquakes can definitely be scary. They can cause buildings to fall, volcanoes to come up from underground and create tsunamis! Well… maybe not that dramatic, at least not in California. Though earthquakes might not be as crazy as they make it seem in movies like 2012 and San Andreas, it is still something we should be informed about and take into consideration. The largest recorded earthquake that hit California was back in 1857 with an estimated magnitude of 7.9. The most recent major earthquake was in June 28, 1992 in Landers with a magnitude of 7.3. Since then, the San Andreas fault has been a bit quiet and it’s only a matter of time before another comes along. Earthquakes are dangerous and unpredictable, which means we have to be ready when another one comes along.

It’s important to be prepared for an earthquake so many people take precautions. Some people anchor things around their homes so they don’t fall and hurt somebody like their TVs, cabinets, and picture frames. They also have first aid kits ready just in case someone gets hurt. They also keep other supplies just in case of an emergency such as water, food, flashlights, and portable radio. It is recommended that you have an exit strategy in place so you know how to get out of danger as soon as possible.

While there are many people who prepare themselves for earthquakes, some don’t really see the point and are fine dealing with earthquakes as they come.

An anonymous APB Sophomore, said he does not feel prepared for an earthquake but that it’s important to have basic necessities like a first aid kit, food and water. One idea he brought up that seems to be the case for many, if not most people, is that ” we know we should be prepared we just choose not to be.” He also mentions that he thinks people don’t prepare themselves because they’re lazy and because earthquakes aren’t common enough to cause everyone anyone any real worry.

Animo Pat Brown Freshman, Cielo Aguilar, say she does not feel prepared for earthquakes. “ I think it is necessary to be prepared because that way you’ll be safe.” she says. But she also mentions that she rather “ let the earthquake happen because we’re going to have to deal with it either way. “ Cielo also commented that her biggest fear during an earthquake would having the house collapse on her.

According to a study conducted this year, two active Southern California faults may cause a ‘Big One’ by rupturing together. There are many commercials and studies that urge us to be prepared for earthquakes but no one really seems to the dangers in considerations enough like the students APB. Maybe it may be time to start preparing for it instead of waiting for catastrophe to strike.

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