Ogle App Has Entered the Doors of APB

Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Zepeda

     The new app Ogle has caused a lot of chaos in schools and local news channels. The app’s initial purpose was to build this connection among schools in the same area. They wanted students to post updates about the school and what is going on the schools, such as school activities. However, since all post are anonymous it gave the students the ability to use the app in a form of cyber bullying and began to harass others. Due to all the targeting and “exposing” it caused some to attempt suicide and others were emotionally damaged.

     Alberto Zuniga, senior in Animo Pat Brown High School, claimed that when he first heard about the app he “had to see it, I was one of the first people to hear about it”. Being one of the first people to hear about it comes with no benefits. Alberto, was one of the few who was targeted on the app, “I felt like whatever” was his response to those who talked about him.  Victor Perez, another Senior at APB was another of the few guys who was placed on the app, “It did not say anything bad so I didn’t care”. He just like Alberto did not care because to them it was funny and entertaining. However not everyone else thought the same.

     Candie Cortez, Senior at APB said “I was not on the app but my friend was, she was bothered.” Furthermore, A girl in Maywood was verbally attacked through the app, she was told horrifying comments that she could not bare with anymore and thought that by taking her life it would make it all better. The article “ABC’s response to Ogle”, stated “posts have targeted specific schools and students with abusive and hurtful content”. Proving how the young lady who attends Maywood was the only one who was told hurtful and slut
shaming comments. By the app being anonymous the app makes these cyber bullies feel powerful and so do harmful actions and think that they will not lead to any consequences.

     “I don’t mind people talking about me because with our without the app people are going to talk” , was freshmen, Ana Quinteros response to the harmful comments. She was placed on the app but she did not get hurt by it because she knew that people would always do it, just that now they are hiding behind the screen. Hiding behind the screen has given these “trolls” the opportunity to say what they’d like online.  Victor and Alberto claim that these people hide behind the screen because “they are scared, they are scared of the way the person would react if they know who it is.”  It’s true, people do not have the guts to say it to someone admirable because they may react in an unwanted way.

     Although these students were not hurt by the comments it does not mean that they all responded the same. Knowing that the app has lead to numerous attempted suicides and has caused emotional damage to some teens, Ana Quintero said “they should have deleted the app because it’s not right to talk about other people.”  Cyber Bullying is never acceptable, “it starts off as being something funny but finishes being something serious”, Candie claimed. Which is true, going back to the Maywood story, the ones responsible of the act argue it was “just a joke”, but honestly if it hurts someone that bad it is not a joke.

     At this point the whole Ogle chaos has died down, Victor said, “Everyone has spoke their mind. No one’s going to pay attention to the rest anymore.” Which can be true but another story out there is “Seniors were telling people that they should stop, because their prom was going to get taken away. That just because they do not have a prom does not mean they can post stuff” claimed Ana.

     Over all the Ogle app caused a lot of chaos and it was fun to some and harmful to others while it lasted. Now that the app has died down seniors can take a breath because Grad Night and Graduation is right around the corner and was not cancelled.

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