New year, new lunch! APB had a glo-up on the new lunch and breakfast menu!

New year, new lunch! APB had a glo-up on the new lunch and breakfast menu!

By: Jasmine Perez, Esthefany Anzaldo, Ary Perez, Alexis Martinez, Victor Martinez

The beginning of the Animo Pat Brown school year is usually one of the most nerve racking parts of the day, so lunch time is usually the time when people need to relax and refuel for the next class. So students were glad and amazed that the school menu had changed for the better.

According to students, there is now better quality food being served to the student body and the variety of our menu has greatly increased compared to the year before. And there have been many positive reviews about the new lunch available from all of the grades.

Quality is one of the most crucial elements of the new school lunch. And another large factor are the portions of the new food at APB. Many students have finished their food and have said that the portions of the food are enough that they get full in matter of time.  The new company, Better 4 You Meals, provides chocolate milk, apple, strawberry-kiwi, and fruit punch flavored juices in the new school lunch at APB. Many students had complimented the new drinks and food, and have been thanking the admin that changed the new school lunch to something that the students would enjoy. As Alexis Acosta, junior attending APB had put it, “I used to force myself to eat the food because I was hungry, but now I actually enjoy it.” Alexis has found the new variety of food to be a new change within the school lunch menu.

Not only is the new school lunch preferred because of improved quality, but variety is also an element that stood out to the students. “It has better taste to it plus more variety,” said Karime Granados, “last year’s lunch was plain and simple compared to this year’s lunch.” Many students like Karime agree that the lunch has improved due to the variety of cold and hot foods. Ninth grader Victor Moreno also mentioned that the different foods each week allowed him to be more open to eating at school. Due to the variety change, more students began to eat school lunch this year. The school’s lunch line got longer and the number of leftovers decreased.

All in all, the new Animo Pat Brown school lunch consists of a variety of food that many students enjoy eating. And that the student body highly thanks Aida for choosing a company that provides food that many enjoy to eat.


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