Rihanna and Drake Kiss During on one of Rihanna’s concert

By Karina Estevez

Finally what people have been gossiping about has come true, Rihanna and Drake are finally a couple! Most fans of both artists have wished for them to be in a relationship together. As a Drake fan I am thrilled that he and Rihanna are finally together. This relationship will be the most talked about topic of 2016.

Both artists have acted in a way that made fans believe that they were a couple but they never officially shown or announced that they were a couple. During many of their concerts they are always smiling at each other and cuddling each other on stage, some said it was only done for publicity.But now we know they actually had feelings for each other.

During the VMAs we all noticed how Drake was going to kiss Rihanna on the mouth but she turned her and doughed that kiss. Drake also talked on the VMAs about how much he loved Rihanna. Most people took it as Drake making it official that they were a couple and others took this as Drake being kind.

Their relationship was made official during one of Rihanna’s tours. It happened in Miami on Wednesday night during a stop on her Summer Sixteen, Rihanna joined Drake on stage and shared a kiss and cuddled in front of their cheeringing fans. Rihanna exclusively told Entertainment News that they are now officially a couple and they have decided to “stop hiding it from everyone.” Now fans won’t be wondering if they are together because Rihanna has announced that they are a couple. Most fans like myself are happy to see them together without hiding their love   


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