Social Media Influence on Young Generations


New inexperienced generations want to grow up so fast. They do not realize that once they really are older teenagers, they will wish they enjoyed the essentials of their childhood without technology. Most adolescents and children 12 and under do not take time to enjoy outdoor activities, they’d prefer being unsocial. Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat and Facebook are some of the few networks that consume their time. This is why stress begins to accumulate and the thought of meeting new people in person is not craved. Internet use becomes an addiction which can lead to sleep deprivation. They should be motivated to perform in outdoor activities and interact with different people in person. This will allow them to have a better experience and be prepared in their future.

Technology has had a major, negative influence in new generations and is one of the main factors contributing to teenage drama. Instead of social media being used to communicate with others and promote ideas, it is constantly used for cyber bullying and defamation. Technology has allowed teens and children to use social media to humiliate and offend others. It causes many adolescents to commit suicide, gain anxiety, or even fall into depression due to insecurities and not fitting into society’s expectations. . Rumors spread quicker in schools with the use of social media and many juveniles are targeted. This is one of the reasons young generations should not be exposed to social media.
In addition to cyber bullying, social media prevents children and teens to focus on their priorities. Some teens will do whatever it takes to please society and that is when it becomes an issue. Social media is taken advantage of and not used for the right reasons. Instead of focusing on improving as a person, they focus on factors like body image and popularity. Social media creates an ideology of the “perfect” anything. For example, the perfect body, the perfect hairstyle, clothing style, smile etc.. Some begin to share inappropriate content which sometimes leads to harassment and cyber bullying. Since children and teen curiosity accumulates due to exposure of new ideas, it gets in the way of what they should really worry about.