Apb Welcomes It’s Newest Staff Members

By: Daniela Ramos, Yamileth Osorio, Nancy Reyes, Santiago Vázquez

This year APB has a lot of new faces, however, not all of them are freshman. New staff members have also joined the APB family. As the new school year started, the new staff members felt quite eager and a little on edge. However, so far they feel like they are being well received by the APB community.


Chris Garcia



Chris Garcia, Campus Security Officer is a new member to the APB family although he has not had much time to interact with other staff members he’s been welcomed properly. Mr. Garcia has worked with students at other schools. Mr. Garcia worked at Locke high school and said that students didn’t really care about school (not like they do it here). He says that APB students are different, kids are shy. “These kids are the best I should adopt them” he said jokingly.



Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos is one of the new staff members, working in the office. He says he has been

positively welcomed by the students. Ramos said, “Being office assistant helps me interact with everyone.” Since he’s had experience working with other students, he doesn’t find it very difficult here at APB. Even though there has been minor issues with students here, less than what he expected, he finds APB a great school, academically.



Michael Moore

Michael Moore is the new technology teacher of APB. He feels very well received by the students and is excited for the new school year. He is enjoying the small community of APB and enjoys the fact that there are passionate teachers at the school. Mr. Moore said that the school really, “prepares students for the first day of college”. Mr. Moore is also feels like the students are very eager to learn as they know and follow the procedures of class.


Belen Ramirez is also one of the new teachers at APB she teaches Algebra 1 for the 9th graders. So far she said that, “APB is a great place to learn ” and she has been welcomed properly. She likes that the students are willing to learn because some attend her guided study to do their work or just hang out. Not only has she interacted with students but she has also interacted with some 9th grade teachers they have a group called group 9 were they talk about the students, math or anything that comes in mind.



Christian Villa

Christian Villa, Physics and Robotics teacher was a teacher assistant here at APB. Robert Daniell, Physics and Biology teacher was Mr. Villa’s mentor last school year. Mr. Villa has mention how much he’s enjoyed working at APB, not only because of the great students but also the great programs APB offers such as guidance. Mr. Villa talked about the difference between his high school and APB, “ homeroom was a waste of time” he describes APB’s guidance classes to be “ different students are learning about college, I didn’t have that” he said.


APB is a big inclusive family that has welcomed it’s newest members with open arms. Miguel Sandoval, American History teacher, is a second year teacher at APB. He offered great advise to APB’s newest staff, “be yourself, if you’re the type of person who’s really strict be strict” , “Emphasize relationships with students especially with the ones that get on your nerves”, “Everyday is a new day so when something goes bad in your class you gotta move on from it and gotta be willing to have a good attitude even when the class has been bad” Sandoval said. APB seniors Diana Aceves, Chelsie Zavala, David Martinez, and Carlos R. when interviewed started reminiscing about APB’s oldest staff members departure. They mentioned how they missed Ms. Shiokari, Ms. Tran, Ms. Jardin, and Mr. Botello. They also mentioned that, “ it’s just random people in the hallways” “Shiokari made learning fun” “ Jardin and Tran were really real even if it hurt your feeling the’d say what we needed to hear” “Botello was the nicest and super kind to all of us” they discussed. APB is a family that had endure lots of change but it is nevertheless a marvelous family that will continue to strive for excellence with the help of our newest members.







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