Battles with Depression

Over the past csuiouple of decades the world has seen a unprecedented number of cases that have to do with mental health. This has become a huge problem with the world we live in today. Statistics show that 1 in 5 adults experience some sort of mental problems in their lifetime. In 2004, 32,439 have died from suicide in the united states with most of them being white men. Suicide is something that lingers in people’s mind but it’s never talked about in a really serious manner. The topic of suicide can be seen in songs by many artists like The Notorious B.I.G. “suicidal thoughts” and geto boys’ “My mind playing tricks on me” . On October 4th Kid Cudi a hip hop artist released a statement talking about how he has checked into a hospital to deal with depression and suicidal urges.

Kid Cudi to Jerm and I,  is an exceptional artist that has come up with some amazing work. What his music invokes upon us is a sense of relief with songs like “The Prayer” that are set to a more relaxing beat with lyrics talking about life and death or songs like “maniac” which talk about people’s demons. With the music he’s made, it didn’t strike us as a huge surprise when he declared himself to suffer from depression. Over the years he has expressed many of his feelings through his songs which many people that suffer from the same thing can relate to. In his songs he talks about the demons he has with him and his battles with them. In Day ‘N’ Nite he says “ I look for peace but see I don’t attain” shows the face that he really hasn’t been a
t peace in a long time. His favorite song of all time is “My mind playing tricks on me” by geto boys’ where the song talks about a man slowly losing his sanity which results with him punching the floor thinking it’s a demon that’s been following him. In his statement released on October 4th talking about the depression he feels and say how he is  “A damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions everyday”.

Suicide is nothing to joke about, this is a very serious topic that has plagued many Americans across the country. Suicide outnumbers homicide by a staggering 2 to 1 ratio, statistically, about 30,000 suicides are carried out per year. Although most people do not follow through with their conclusion, having suicidal thoughts or urges are the product of many things, in most cases it is a mental disorder. These thoughts are very dangerous and are crucial to prevent because unlike many people think, suicide does not cure anything. Ending your own life can be very detrimental to other people around you and the trauma caused as an effect may change a person forever. Suicide is something that not only affects the person ending their life but their friend and family maybe even their school community. 

Kid Cudi out here fighting a battle in his mind and drake is taking shots while he is in rehab like what kind of shit is that ma boiii.  What kind of person kicks someone while their down, someone fighting to live for their family!?!?! By taking about his depression openly kid cudi is destroying some of the stigma that comes with this which can help many people deal with this openly with less persecution from pieces of shit like Drake. Depression effects all kind of people for adults to students and by acknowledging it as something that can happen to anyone we as students can help. In my opinion it’s something amazing and greatly helpful for famous people like Cudi to speak out because it helps so much people know that they aren’t alone in the world and that even if they fighting a battle in their head they have the support of others. BEOCH!!!!

By Jeremy Gonzalez, Bryan Coreas

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