Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes

By: Victor Patino, Ary Perez, Karina Estevez

Halloween is around the corner and people are still debating on what they want to dress as in order to make an impression on their friends. But afterwards, many people tend to see some costumes as offensive. And there were many types of costumes that offended or see inappropriate costumes throughout the night.


Religious Figures

Image result for jesus halloween costumesImage result for priest halloween costumes

Belén Reynaga (11th): “religion should not be made fun of . . .  it’s disrespectful”

Hector Guardia (10th): “the ‘Jesus’ one just doesn’t seem right”


Native Americans

Yuliana Lopez (11th): “it’s appropriating their culture and it’s making fun of them” “that’s not even how they dressed”

Anndrea Vasquez(10th): “it’s offensive to their culture”


Muslims and Arabs

Image result for muslim halloween costumesImage result for muslim halloween costumes

Marilyn Arredondo(11th): “it disrespects their culture”

Jonathan Gonzales (11th): “the costume seems like it’s making a joke out of their religion” “for the woman it’s really sexist”

Jeremy Gonzalez(12th): “it’s self contradicting to wear that”  

Porscha Outlaw (10th): “we wouldn’t want Muslims to do this to us, so why do it to them”


Racial Stereotypes

Jaime Sanchez-Perez(11th): “they are making fun of us” “we don’t even dress like that” “not all Mexicans drink”

Anndrea (10th): “they are stereotyping Mexicans”


Police Officers

Image result for police halloween costumes

Michael Zuniga (12th): “they are considered ‘professionals’ and that’s against what they’re showing”


Although Halloween is a time to dress up as however you please many students say that people should consider others beliefs and ethnicity while debating on a costume. They should also consider what their costume promotes and how their costume make others look, just like how Jesus Leon, a tenth grader, said ”generally, women were over sexualized” when looking at the costumes. And Octavio Gallardo brought a supporting point about how the women are over sexualized, “if a mom were out trick or treating with her kid, she wouldn’t want to see a costume showing a lot of skin.” Is it morally incorrect to show large portions of skin when wearing a costume? Should people be allowed to dress as others ethnicity? By dressing as one’s religious beliefs or ethnicity, do you think that it’s a form of insult? Is it okay if an officer of the force be portrayed as inappropriate image?

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