The Spoon Game

The Spoon Game

By: Anthony Ramirez, Laura Herrera, and Karen Martinez

October, the month when students and teachers alike stress out due to the amount of work with no days off. However, when people are stressed out and have no idea what to do, they come up with ways to relieve themselves of their stress by creating games that distract them from all the work they have to complete. About three years ago, Mr.Ngu, vice principal before Mr. Reed, thought of a game for teachers that will keep them entertained and get them out of their classroom to socialize with other teachers. This event still goes on today as teachers in October have been spotted with orange spoons signifying that the game continues to exist.

We went out to interview a couple of teachers, the first teacher we interviewed was Mr. Griffin,  an Algebra 2 teacher, he informed us that he was playing the game since October the 3rd which is when the game begun. He also told us that the objective of the game was to “Have adults talk with each other, interact…”. The point of the game is to get teachers to talk to each other and have fun in order to get rid of the stress that October causes due to the lack of days off.

We began to wonder if October was a stressing month for those who weren’t teachers. We asked students if they feel more stressed during the month of October. Most students claimed that they didn’t feel a difference, that they felt stressed all the time due to the amount of work they have to do for all their classes while others claimed that they are never stressed and disregard the month as they see no difference in levels of stress. Maybe next year the school can create a game that helps students and teachers alike eliminate their stress although it may take some time and organization to create such a game it would help students get through their day and there may even be an improvement in behavior and grades.  


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