Donald Trump Discriminatory Video

By Nancy Reyes and Angelica Cortes

On Sunday, October 9 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their second debate in which they discussed about Donald Trump’s sexual assault in a video.  The video was taken in 2005 where Donald Trump and Billy Bush talked about how being famous gives them the right to do anything to a women.

Donald Trump is the presidential candidate for the Republican party. In 2005, a video was made where Donald and Billy Bush where talking on the benefits given for being famous that would allow to take advantage on a women.

Since the video has been out, the topic on the disrespect of women and the point on what they are teaching the women has been out and brought up in the debate. Since then nine women have accused Donald Trump for sexual assault. After every women spoke out he denied on the events ever taking place. Even though he denies it, it’s pretty clear that Trump not only disrespected women but degrades women. He views them as weak due to seeing them as someone who is below them just made to please men, take care on the house and family.

The video, being released to the public has caused commotion all around the US. Estefania Hernandez, 12th grader, spoke about her thought on the election and its main video. She expressed her thought after watching the second debate that showed up on his forgiveness towards the video,“ He’s known for disrespecting women,but how he does it, i mean he’s public speaker so he probably knows they were recording him,so why would he say that ?” She also expressed her feelings saying “I feel disgusted and uncomfortable with someone who doesn’t respect women and thinks that they’re only sexual objects. “

After the video has been released, the main thought on whether Trump would end up being a fit president after many abrupt confessions and questions have been coming up lately. 

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