Stray Cats

On our way to school we may notice many cats roaming through the neighborhood or dead on the streets and sidewalks. Many of these cats may be lost, owned, or abandoned, whatever the case, they are in danger. Once cats are exposed to freedom within the world, they are most likely to get injured, catch diseases or even die. It is best to keep them inside one’s home in order for them to avoid experiencing the savage life of society. For the many kittens without homes, they should be taken to a shelter or an animal home. Since female cats can reproduce as early as five months, overpopulation becomes an issue. This means that most cats in the neighborhood end up living in the streets. Territories begin to get fought over because either cats shelter there or it’s where they are supplied with food. In the streets, many kittens struggle to survive and usually die from hunger or they get run over. Communities need to unite to provide a healthier environment and experience for these kittens.

We may also realize that there are cats depending on the school in order to survive. We see the kittens hanging out by the trash bin by the parking lot. As noticed, they run away when students try to caress them. These kittens are known as feral cats, too many feral cats also becomes a conflict because they are not used to being taken care by humans. Feral cats tend to be intimidated by humans and therefore are afraid when it comes to human contact. They obtain necessary resources in the streets while stray cats turn to humans for food and/or shelter. There are many feral cats in our neighborhoods because of the many stray cats. When stray cats give birth, the kittens do not have much experience with humans and therefore adapt to surviving the difficult and cruel ways of the streets. The amount of feral kittens in the streets can be avoided by spaying the female cats. Although it may be an uncomfortable phase until they heal, people have to accept that it is for their own good. This will acquire an improved society by minimizing the amount of stray cats and feral cats. It would be more humane to euthanize the few kittens in our neighborhood than to let them reproduce and have to euthanize many more kittens.

On the other hand, shelters are not always the best solution for these homeless kittens. Many get put to sleep because they are not adopted and because many local shelters get brimmed. Therefore, these shelters can no longer provide shelter and help for the kittens in order to keep allowing more cats to be accepted into shelter homes. Many get the privilege to get adopted but many do not. The best way to save these cats and help them survive is to get them neutered. This will at least decrease the reproduction of cats for while. Not all kittens should be neutered though, pets are always needed and they serve as a companion. People should adopt kittens more often so euthanization can be avoided. However, if necessary, it would be more humane to euthanize the few kittens in our neighborhood than to let them reproduce and have to euthanize many more kittens.  Another solution would be to create a home for kittens in order to provide a healthy environment and less deaths.