Def. Suicide -1.The act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally

                   2.a person who attempts or commits suicide.



Every 2 hours & 11 minutes a person under the age of 25 dies by suicide

That’s 10 people every day

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for youth ages 10-24, resulting in about 4600 deaths per year

1 in 7 high school students have CONSIDERED SUICIDE within the past school year

1 in 14 high school students have ATTEMPTED SUICIDE within the past school year

The main thought of Suicide is seen as a joke or that the person themselves has a mental illness and don’t think much on it actually taking place. Through the ages 14-16 in High school students have gone through the thought of committing suicide.

The thought of suicide is something that can scare people or even please them at times.

High School… on those simple words, many thoughts surface that lead up to different categories. These categories mainly lead up to stress, depression, and anger for starters. The thought of suicide passes at times depending on who it affects. This could be crossed due to changes at home or school. Problems rise and cause many side effects to arise.

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