Esthefany Anzaldo- New Year Resolutions

The New Year is often celebrated with a giant party or gathering all around the world with a feast, drinking, and even fireworks. There is a tradition that is as common as celebrating a new year which is that before the new year begins, many people make goals to improve their life during the new year also known as New Year’s Resolutions. These objectives motivate one to become better and grow as a person. Many people share different traditions, the one that my family has followed for the past year is a tradition to put 12 grapes in a glass of wine(or apple cider for kids) and before eating each grape they make a resolution. To me and many other people these are the first lies of the year  but who can blame me that shit is hard to follow through. Maybe I dream too big.  

I found it to be very interesting to figure out what people’s New Year Resolutions are and if they actually followed through or gave up after the first couple of months. I went around this amazing school and asked people if they had resolutions and if they followed through with them. The first person that was asked was a senior named Bryan Coreas and he said that he made 12 resolutions but said he didn’t remember most of them. When asking if he had stayed true to what he said things got interesting. “ One of the things I said I would do was go to the gym at least a couple time a week but that’s slowly changed into a couple times a month” said Bryan. He vowed to make his New Year Resolutions something a bit easier.

I then asked a junior, Alexis Coreas, if he had any New Year Resolutions and he responded with “yea I said I would work out”. When asking how that worked out he laughed and said “ It worked out great for the first couple of days”. He was the second person in a role to say that a false promise was made that he couldn’t follow through. This changed the meaning of The common New Year’s Resolution because it seems like because they are just some empty promises.

Something that I found really interesting is that even though it seems like most people don’t keep up with their resolution it is still a very popular tradition. I think this is because it brings a sense of control, it makes it feel like you have the power to make this new year better than the one before. With these resolutions you think you can make yourself a better person than last year which is a beautiful mirage.

Just because I couldn’t make myself a better person doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying but I will make my one resolution this year. My resolution is to be the best person I can be, giving life my all and appreciating the few amazing people in my life at all moments.

12th grader, Bryan Coreas, claims his New Year’s Resolution is, “I am to try harder on everything and cherish those that surround him.”

11th grader, Angelica Cortes, says “My New Year’s Resolution is to be able to get into AP classes my senior year.”

12th grader, Jeremy Gonzalez, says, “To not be a scumbag.”

10th grader, Daisy Rocha, says, “I want to get even more poppin.”

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