Give Back

During this holiday season where a majority of the people are looking for the best gifts for their friends and family it is good to remember that there are people less fortunate than us who don’t always receive a gift to lighten up their day. This is a great time to show thanks and give back to the needy, this is exactly what a group of shoppers did in the San Fernando Valley. This past Monday Laura, Adam Hamilson, and Sarah Watson were only a few of the 25 volunteers that stopped by Target to fill their shopping carts with gifts for the needy. The volunteers were divided into groups where they were told the amount of items they were to buy and the amount of money for each, Laura, Adam and Sarah were assigned to buy toys for young kids and within a short amount of time they had filled two shopping carts with toys of a total amount of $2,500. The toys were donated to places like the Boys & Girls Club, Hope of the Valley Shelter, Family Promise of the Verdugos and many other places, no doubt these toys will fill a child’s day with joy.

To give back this holiday season does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars, there are other ways to show you’re thankful. The red kettles are back in season, so show your gratitude by donating whatever change you have to the Salvation Army these holidays. You can also participate in a toy or food drive in your community. Giving back doesn’t only have to be materialistic but it can be actions also. Some examples are by helping the elderly, if you know someone who is elderly you can help them by cleaning or cooking for them or by simply just keeping them company and talking with them. This holiday season is good time not only to be surrounded by friends and family but also by those that depend and need you the most.

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