Christmas Disappointment-Esthefany Anzaldo

Although Christmas is a time to enjoy with family and friends, many do not get to spend time with their family’s due to long distance. Those who have their families close to them should cherish them greatly because many struggle to keep their families together. Additionally, many do not have the money to comply family members and acquaintances. This causes one to feel depressed and disappointed in one self. This should not be the case because one should be grateful for what they already have than ungrateful for what they don’t have.  Also, Christmas makes many feel sorrowful because it brings back memories of those who have passed away or moved away. There are many people in this world that would cherish the idea of spending another day with a someone that’s not with them anymore so instead of thinking of gifts be grateful to have family with you on such a special day.

Christmas also separates many families. Many parents are divorced meaning that on this day the children have to choose whom they would like to spend christmas day with. For example, my father leaves to work far away on this day meaning I only get to see him once a year. So for almost every year for the past 9 years, I have spent it with my dad. However, I feel bad because I do not get to spend it with my mother. I have only spent like 2 christmas days with mother however I hardly get to spend time with my dad. This makes it difficult to enjoy this day because I have two separate families I have to please with my presence.

Christmas is the time of year where people can give and receive gifts. As great as it feels to get something amazing, something that you’ve been thinking about all year, the most happiness comes from giving to people that have less than you, giving to people that will hold the gift they receive close to their heart. Giving to those that have less is a great way to end one’s year. Apart from making you feel like a better person, the other person whom we share our happiness with, feels appreciated. The point of the gift is to show appreciation for the impact this person has had in one’s life. This is why many family members put their issues aside and interact with one another on this day.

The wrong idea of Christmas being all about the gifts has been conveyed throughout the years. Christmas is about family gatherings and coexistence. Christmas is about enjoying everything that life has given you throughout this difficult year with your friends and family. Some of the greatest memories of Christmas aren’t of me opening gifts but of me sitting with family and friends talking to each other without a worry in the world.

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