Holidays For High Schoolers

Holidays For High Schoolers

It’s December and everyone is in the holiday spirit, it seems that everywhere you go people are decorating or shopping for their loved ones. The view of Christmas lights on people’s houses and the little kids exclaiming that Santa is coming soon just gives everyone a warm feeling inside. However, there is one group that seem to be stressing more than the mom’s planning the feast or dads unable to find the extension cord to connect the lights. Who? Students, mostly high school students.

This time of year is a very stressful time of the year with finals, college applications, secret santas and the fact of not having enough money. Finals week is the week right before Winter break and it just drives students crazy. They are doing everything to get the best grades possible or to at least pass. This consists of memorizing everything they ever did in every subject, it seems too much for just one brain doesn’t it. Seniors have it even more difficult than any other grades, besides finals, they have college applications and financial aid to get done before the break. There is just a lot of suspense during this time since powerschool gets blocked and students can’t see how their grades are doing and then don’t know what to do in order to bring them up.

Besides school being stressful, the idea of buying gifts is also something that doesn’t leave students alone especially when they don’t have a great quantity of money. It seems that everywhere you go someone wants to start a secret santa, or you think of the people that have been so great to you and you want to show you appreciate them with a gift but don’t have the money. Not many high schoolers work because they really don’t have the time to do so. Another circumstance that gets in students way from buying gifts is time. When they finally have the money they remember that an assignment is due or they have to stay after school, there seems to always be something in the way.

Even though this can be a very difficult time for high schoolers, let’s remember that it won’t always be like this. Winter break will come and give us a time to reflect and have some peace, even through the chaos after the Holiday Season.


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