“The Glitch” Limit edition cleats

By: J. Felix Pacheco

Adidas has brought to light there new a revolutionary shoe, ‘the glitch”. Its a revolutionary shoe that has a never seen, 2 piece structure. The first piece has a sock like look and has 6 studs on the sole to connect to the second piece of the shoe. It has the lastest in tech fit technology and It could be picked in 3 different ankle choices. They are the high cut, mid cut, and low cut.

Piece #1 of “The Glitch”

The second piece of the shoe and also the most important, is the outer layer. It comes in different colors and studs depending on what type of surface your’re going to play on. The studs could either come for firm grass or soft ground with had metal studs.

2nd piece of “The Glitch”

Another colorway of “The Glitch”

The shoe shocked many people because of its creativity but if you where to ask me, the thing that shocks me most is the price per piece. Since the shoe color and sock fit varies, its up to you and what color you want the inner and outer pieces to be. Each piece would cost you about 150$. The shoe itself is unique but does, originality beat price range?

Many of “The Glitch” cleats and pieces


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