Was the Winter Formal was a dance to remember?

By: Daniela P. Esmeralda G, Alexis M.

The last dance of the semester took place this past Friday on December 16. Friday night after school many began to arrive to school with their formal clothing. Students from all grade levels came dressed in their best dresses, tuxedos, and formal attire. Walking into the gym there was bright luminous Christmas lights adorning the gym walls in which it was quite a nice touch. The DJ playing the music was making all the guests dance till they had to rest, making the gym crowded enough that many were sweating. Though, after the dance was over students of APB had mixed reviews about the dance following the next week of finals.  

Many students believed that this Winter Formal was the best dance student council has hosted,  junior Anthony Ramirez said  “I liked the dance for the most part but the music needed some improvement; too much Spanish music”  He felt that it was great for his first time attending it. However, he thought that the DJ could have provided more of a variety of music such as Hip-Pop. Also the sophomore Allison Avelar also felt that the dance had a lot of “Rancheras, Corridos” in which she said that the improvement she would do would be put more music variety.  Adding to the improvements senior Katherine Trejo believed that they could have “Used the whole gym” and improved the food. Which was in fact true, there was a large  number of students who attended the Winter Formal, more of a reason to use the whole gym. Half of the gym did not allow the students to have space to move around and dance freely. There was many situations where students accidently stepped on each other or accidently bumped into one another.
Overall, the Winter Formal was full of memorable moments for everyone who attended. Although it could use some improvements, it was rather enjoyable and really got you into the holiday spirit.

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