Stranger Things

This was by far one of my favorite shows of 2016 and can’t wait for it’s second season to be by favorite part of 2017. Stranger Things is a horror/thriller that was a big hit since its initial release on July 15. It’s gotten amazing reviews all round and much anticipation for its next season that due to drop on April 2017. One thing that made it a outstanding show was not just its narrative but it amazing cast of lovable kids like Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Brown, and Caleb McLaughlin. With a cast like this it was hard to not fall in love with the show when you see their charisma shine on and off the show.  

Since the first episode “The Vanishing of Will Byers” I was immediately in love with the show. It starts off with Will being taken by a mysterious monster that seems to be from a different world. Something like that had never happened in a town like that which is why the investigation is taking with skepticism. The first episode does a great job in introducing the casts of kids and also establishes a villain, a monster that has disturbed their peaceful life. The first encounter with the monster referred to as the demagorgan. if filled with suspense and tension that makes the viewer move from their set and look behind them. The mystery that surrounds very important characters like eleven and the demagorgan adds to the intrigue that keeps you hooked on the show. Something that left a lasting impression is the upside down, the home of the notorious demagorgan and the location where will byres was taking after his kidnapping. The upside down attracted the attention of the viewers because of how it was created, it has amazing visuals of a bleak, suspenseful and horrific environment.

This show has a very retro 80’s feel to it with the dressing style and music of the town which gives a nice nostalgic feeling to the viewer. One of it greatest references is to E.T. when the kids are riding on a bike and it seems like they’re gonna be flying. This isn’t the only thing that is givin a shout out in the show with around 20+ shows/movies with most being from the 80’s which add to its nostalgic feeling. This retro show has revived the eighties by giving the new generation a view at some of its greatest hits not only showcasing it movies, tv shows and music but also some of its amazing products like eggos and the ham radio.

Some of the great success of the show can be attributed to the fact that it left viewer wanting more. It ends by leaving the views with some important questions to consider about how the events unfolded what to think about what’s to come. Due to its critical acclaim the shows second season isn’t too far away since they released a teaser for season two after a few months of the shows release.  

It being a Netflix original the show was released all at once which was a blessing to all the people that binge watched it. The show is structured to start off with a chilling opening that has suspenseful music followed by the neon red logo of the show.

By: Bryan Coreas & Jeremy Gonzalez

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