Senioritis Strikes on Seniors… are they mentally prepared for life?


The year is almost coming to an end, the time to finally relax and prepare ourselves for college, but a certain amount of seniors are getting senioritis. What exactly is “Senioritis” you might ask? Well senioritis is when a current senior in high school starts showing less motivation and performance in school. They become lazier as the year comes to an end or they tend to leave their assignments last minute for their classes.

Many seniors are pretty excited to graduate in June but before all that can happen, they need to do good in all their classes and get their work done. But with all that work that needs to be done by the end of the year, seniors tend to get lazier each day not doing their assignments that are assigned. Senior, Kimberly Herrera, says,

“I’m taking AP classes, they tend to leave us a load of work and I don’t start on it till the day before its due”.

Seniors tend to leave their assignments for the last minute and tend to experience bad grades throughout the semester. Kimberly says,

“I slacked off a little bit last semester for Snyder because I would study in lunch for his exams and that would drop my grade”.

Senioritis can be unexpected at times. You can be confidently studying on an exam for the next day and all of a sudden, you just don’t want to do anything the next minute because it’s too much work. Senior, Nalleli Mendoza, says, “It hits you unexpected, especially in certain classes too”. Some seniors don’t even know what Senioritis is and they just work in order to not spend another year at high school. Some seniors don’t even know what senioritis is but they do know they tend to experience the symptoms of it. When we asked a Gregory Chaparro (current senior at apb) he said, “what the hell is senioritis”.

Some may say there is actually a cure those deadly disease. The cure for this disease would be Graduation! After four years of hard education and loads of work in APB, the seniors are finally prepared to graduate and move on to their next chapter of life but they all have their own different perspective about it. For example current senior

Gregory Chaparro said “To be honest i’m not really sure.. I’m in the space between being ready and not ready…but i’m mentally prepared for any situation but, the way i may take action won’t be as smart as i thought”.

In comparison, senior Alondra Gutierrez said,

“Not really i feel like i don’t really know a lot of stuff,No i’m not ready for college”.

On the contrary, senior Michael Zuniga said,

“Yes i am prepared.. Kinda nervous because i’m not sure what i will do after i graduate but i will go to college,In my experiences I feel like yes i am prepared for life..what i look forward in college is to study on being a doctor”.

In similarity to that senior Nayeli Mendoza said,

“I am prepared since APB did prepare for us ever since we entered school…What APB has showed us i am mentally prepared for life”.

As you can see the seniors all have a different point of view based on life. But, it proves to show that Animo Pat Brown has done its very best to prepare seniors, including the other grades, for life in general and college.




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