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This school started with only a gym ready to provide education, it hardly had any students, and therelPfvt2sdlMNWYxFPxqfM4ZJ2BCRCMHsL5WkQZw4OOFU32KLgxvIYflu6oZ8qYZTdzVz1BNiRs4dDl2U_VDbopqNlgwoYaWiRCg0xqpi6jyG8XNq1slmdudZcJ_mjB4m47dsamskYaszt7Jd3Iu7nSaKzIDvNhWf5Tra48vxtfN4gBsM_Si0yJpyKSCAIhXwc04Yj7fv9MDYvAgk_mZzEPdxL8HVMUl1cDY2VenarPej8rLGK5k6Sh55xZS0Q_3Qnonc5rvNXSL6F-bwhfUDsdBokckPY7cDa2PTK2L4B8dhK3i9MSnS5PuqGeNQ7pOctH7vZwKPtbgVV68Syy3p1Rm4XUfyj0RDQ7o0LiOm6Rd0D6rE0wVBVJWYKN0V1wcmzElV1T-xmlYAyA17bWfs3lOAw6m_5Ja6N8xJkTEBtJBtTE_SHxnGxKECJB2I8vp_EvRwrk3_X7c_DHO4T4maRuBo3VgME9Ab_dci8ZkOirjWaTqlnzYcbJKn4b9pcut1MnTHpvkxxV5H6uEU3cm1i6CwNGGBSjUe6PRG9nlSKSkp-tkz9CcHfpkuSfLK1iJivbZyNN-RNJUcnR77QpBi0MppsnzoyxiiVGxjlJyU_ugfyOrzHaGypGi2WWRadozC6tUsYqi_MSQXbYMxMo2QVJ0V_tbhjXd0aEmA2u8BugY5ngcnZJg6QCM3Hs_GclHH0Qf4IUq24SUfioq1WoA=w1022-h768-l75-ft (511×384) were no classrooms ready by the time it was designated to start class. It started off on 30th and broadway with a principal named Mr. Solio and 8 teachers. Some of you may remember office manager, Tirsa and CSO, Johnson who have been here since day one but unfortunately have left APB. They have worked here since way before APB began to improve. When APB first started off, it was so small their yearbook was about 5 pages long. In fact, 2 students from when APB barely began, work here. If you would like to inform yourself of how our school was back then, you can ask Claudia Benitez who works in room 30 or Paola Castañeda whom will be the permanent technology teacher.

A new APB facility was supposed to be prioritized but the middle school seemed to be in progress a lot quicker since the building was already there. However, it is about time that APB expands and gives more students the opportunity to get a charter education. Apart from giving more students an appropriate education, the new middle school and new high school will have permanent facilities. By the time high school students move to the new facility, the middle school students will move to this building which will become their permanent building. The new APB facility is anticipated to be modeled like Animo Venice as seen on the picture to the left.

It is predicted to move building’s by the time either current freshman or current sophomore get to their senior year. This will be a drastic change for them because the environment would be larger and their classrooms would be relatively the same size but in a larger atmosphere. The new building would be 2 stories tall in an L shape. Instead of the classrooms opening towards the inside of the building, the exit door would face the outside so students get dismissed outside. There will be stairs to get students to the 2nd story and walkways to get students to their class’ in the 1st story. This will prevent crowded areas from forming and prevent students from bumping into each other. GUESS WHAT THOUGH? I’m going to tell you anyway! The Athletic facilities are expected to be improved meaning that future APB students will be offered an official sport. It can be anything from volleyball to soccer but it will vary depending on the new budget. One of the goals is to create a bigger gym with workout machines (also depending on the budget) and so an official sport’s game can be performed. The new APB will look like a bigger high school so it can be more appealing and more students will want to attend.

-Esthefany A. and Jazmin A.

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