Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts

Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts

By: Karina Estevez and Nancy Reyes

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many still don’t know what to give their special spouse. There are many gifts to choose from, it can be as simple as candy to as elaborated as a valentine’s day dinner. But most people want to give their valentine a gift with a special significance. There a 10 Valentine’s Day gifts that we considered to be meaningful.

The first opinion of a Valentine’s Day gift will have to be roses. Not only is it a common affordable gift, it’s also has been considered to be one of the symbol of Valentine’s Day. Roses symbolize romance, honor, and beauty. Giving red roses to the person you admire will signify that you love that person. But it’s not limited to only giving red roses, you can give your valentine roses of a different color. Giving white roses to your valentine will signify your respect to that person and eternal love towards that person. Giving pink roses will signify happiness in a relationship. Roses are a good way to show your love toward a person and are easily obtained during Valentine’s Day.     

The second option as a gift is jewelry but it maybe pricey. The price will depend if your item is gold, silver, or dipped in gold. The price will also increase if your item has any diamonds or pearls. The best jewelry to give on Valentine’s Day will have to be heart shaped jewelry. Heart shaped jewelry signifies love, unity and compassion. Giving heart shaped jewelry to your special significant other will show them not only how you feel about them but they will also consider themselves special to you since, you wasted a great amount of money on their Valentine’s Day gift.

The third gift option will need your artistic side to compose a poem or song. This gift might be complicated for some so we don’t advise this to people who struggle with rhyming. A song or a poem is a unique gift to give, not many people give them since it’s a gift that takes time to compose. By giving a song or a poem to your valentine you will personally be stating how you feel about them.

The fourth gift option will have to be a Valentine’s Day dinner. This a common gift but who doesn’t like food. This gift will mean that you will have to plan ahead by setting up a reservation. You will also have to do research on what restaurants to go and at what time. I will suggest to plan weeks ahead since it’s a common gift therefore, there will be many dinner places reserved and it will be more complicated for you to get a reservation. Having a Valentine’s Day dinner will allow you and your valentine to have a nice dinner while being able talk about your feelings towards each other.

The fifth gift option will be cologne or perfume. This simple yet commonly used item. Although it’s a simple gift it can be pricey depending on the brand and fragrance. I will suggest a Valentine’s Day fragrance since there is usually seasonal discounts. Giving cologne or perfume as a gift will not only make your valentine know that you thought of them but will also mean that they will alway be smelling good.

The sixth valentine’s day gift one can give to a friend or a family member or just anybody in general would be a box of chocolates. A Chocolate gift has strong symbolic meaning as love, passion, care, and a happy life. It’s one of the few gifts that one can easily buy if someone doesn’t know what to give their valentine on that day. Plus it’s a Sweet gift that they will enjoy, in every bite.

The seventh valentine’s day gift that can be given to someone’s valentine would be a valentine’s day card. Although it doesn’t have a symbolic meaning a card can be used to express how one feels and some people admire the fact that someone spends time to write a letter to them so it’s a thoughtful gift. It can also be mailed to someone for valentine’s day anonymously if one is afraid to tell their crush that they like them.

The eighth valentine’s day gift that someone can give their valentine is a teddy bear. A teddy bear is a soft and cuddly gift to give someone special that they can hug and fall asleep with. Teddy bears can also come with voice messages so someone can surprise their valentine by recording a voice message and telling them how they feel or just wish them a happy valentine’s day.

The ninth valentine’s day gift that one can give their valentine would be a DIYed gift. A DIY gift can symbolize that one is worth it to that person. It is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that one can make and give to their valentine. It shows that one creative and  is enough to give their valentine a gift that was homemade and  will remind them of something that is special to them if it was meaningful. It’s also a gift that one can make to save money.

The tenth and final gift that one can gift to their valentine would be money. This gift is more common amongst family members but it can also be a gift to give if someone doesn’t know what to give their valentine.

There are many more gifts that one can give their valentine but these are the top ten valentine gifts that are given. Next time when buying someone a valentine’s gift, keep these options in mind.

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