Al Estilo APB

Al Estilo APB


Here at APB we have had a variety of dances from a Halloween theme to Winter formal, however a dance that has stirred a lot of opinions is the upcoming dance Al Estilo held by Caballeros Con Cultura and Sisterhood on March 3rd. This dance is suppose to be very different from the other dances because it’s said to have live music and many other different activities, the price for a ticket is also a change it’s eight dollars and at the door it’s two dollars more. All these changes have the students of APB taking different views on this upcoming event some are all for it and others are unsure if they want to attend.

To begin with I wanted to know what the members of C3 and Sisterhood have to say of what we can expect at the dance. Current C3 member John Fabian states that we can expect “cultural music, cultural food like enchiladas” Sheila Rincon current Sisterhood member adds on by stating that ”they can expect lit music, food and art”. Despite these high claims some students are still hesitant to attend the dance and they all have different reasons. Junior Celeste Trejo says,” I don’t feel like going because I don’t think it’s going to be fun” her peer Diana Gonzalez says “ I will buy the ticket but not go” she still wants to support C3 and Sisterhood but doesn’t have the time to attend the dance.

I wanted to know what the students like and dislike about the upcoming dance both Juniors Celeste and Diana agree that “ it’s too expensive” however Diana says that she likes the fact that there is going to be “lit music”. C3 member John Fabian wants to say that “ tickets are cheap compared to real concerts which are from $20 – $50 for one ticket” Sheila wants to add that “ if they were in our situation they would agree with the price”. It’s important that we take both sides into consideration before we criticize what each person has to say. The members of C3 and Sisterhood want to encourage the students of APB to go to the dance because “they will have a blast” according to Senior John Fabian and because “ we are putting time and effort into the dance” says Sheila Rincon.  

Sisterhood and C3 are hoping to receive the support of their fellow peers by going to the dance, even though it is something different then what APB is use to they hope that the students are willing to try something new. This is a dance for and by the students of APB not only to have fun but to embrace their culture.

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