Citizens’ vs. The President

Written by: Jenifer Serrano, Linda Donis, Jasmine Perez

Once Donald J. Trump became president, many began to worry about what was going to happen under his presidency. A week after President, Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, students decided to participate in a walk out along with other students around the community. After Donald’s Trump inauguration, there was a women’s march all around the world, where women expressed their voices and wanted to show that women have rights just like any other human being. Since trump did state some sexist, disgusting statements about women who get abortions and how they should be punished.

During the month of November, many of us were worried about who was going to become president on November 8. We all thought Hillary Clinton was going to win but there was a plot twist on election day, Donald Trump won the election and was to become our president in January of the upcoming year. Many students were worried especially since most of the community we live in is made up of Latinos and our parents are undocumented. History teacher, Mr. Sandoval said, “My thoughts were like nah, we live in a scary world. Especially since we know he’s ignorant about the Constitution.”

On the day of Inauguration, many people were disappointed to see that Trump was to go into office. According to Freshman Jose Sandoval, he stated that, “This guy wasn’t very serious, I’m not sure he would be the right person for the job.” Although many people thought he wasn’t fit for the job, he was to become our 45th president. The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, many women along with other people participated in a march all throughout the nation. They marched for women’s rights along with other current problems going on in the world. They wanted to be heard and let Trump know that his presidency isn’t going to stop them from getting heard and changing the rules. Spanish teacher, Ms. Yokota stated that, “People march in order to express how they feel….directly because of the executive orders and actions that the president takes.”

A few weeks later, Trump had made a statement about not letting in refugees who traveled out of the country back in. This statement had caused many people to protest at airports and many lawyers were offering to represent many of these refugees at no cost in order to get them back home. This had caused many people to get together and do anything in order to get those refugees back home as soon as possible. Junior, Alan Fuentes, stated that, “I feel like that was his first step into getting everyone out of the country, it’s not much of a change though, it only lasted for 120 days.” Although this student feels like it was wrong for Trump to do that, he still believes that he didn’t accomplish anything.

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