Disney Animated to Live-Action film

By Nancy Reyes and Angelica Cortes

Disney, it’s an entertainment corporation that has caught most of the audience attention throughout decades. It has made multiple movies that have caught attentions. It differs from princesses and prince to cars and animals to the world’s nobody has ever imagined on or seen.These movies have caused multiple emotions to sour up on the audience and give life lessons in all movies.These entertainment on movies have been brought by books that made the movie.


  • Alice in  wonderland (1995 / 2010)


“ If you don’t know where you are  going , any road will take you.” – Exchange between Alice and the Cheshire cat

Alice and Wonderland was an “animated musical fantasy-comedy film” that was based on books. This film caused an uproar for it was an imagination world where a girl goes into the world her mind made up.. Alice in Wonderland shows how she had to go into her mind to allow her to take a decision. It defines your decision towards what you want your future to look like. This own movie takes the trip into a wild adventure to keep up and is full on laughter and craziness for nobody is sane.

The change from one version-animated- to another – real life- shows combination on both characters but difference in how all the scenes take place. 2010 version goes a bit more rough the the 1999 sing along.

Alice and wonderland itself has gone through a variation on versions where it goes from innocent to scary.


  • Maleficent(2014) ( Sleeping Beauty)(1959)


“Sometimes a Villain is just a Princess who has never been saved.”

Maleficent was made to show the story from one on the most evil villains that comes up in Sleeping Beauty. The movie showed an interest not only because of the actor, Angelina Jolie, but because on the story that that caused her to become who she is. It shows an underestimated villain who changed . Sleeping Beauty shows Aurora being saved by a prince she hardly knew due to the “kiss of true love”. In Maleficent , Aurora is saved by maleficent because love doesn’t always come from someone who you will end up with in the future but the person that cares about you and will risk their life for you. Maleficent shows her own story towards why she became evil while she is trying to ruin the life of the person who took her wings. This movie follows different footsteps than on Sleeping Beauty because it doesn’t reflect as much on the princess but on the story of the “villain.”


  • Cinderella(1950 / 2015)


“Just because it is done, it doesn’t mean it should be done”

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, the young girl whose father died and then turned into a servant by her step mother and sister, her special godmother and her happily ever after.

Cinderella has been made in sequels and in different versions on the story. The most recent movie that caught the audience’s attention more was when the movie came out in 2015. It showed the similarity among most movies, where she falls for the prince and she has an evil stepmother and very obnoxious step sisters. The new real life Cinderella movie takes you into a different story on her happily ever after .


  • The jungle Book (1967 /2016)


“Now this is the law on the jungle~ As old and as true as the sky; For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the  wolf is the pack”

The jungle book itself shows an adventure of a child known as Mowgli who is taken in by a pack of wolf(Bagira) and given a family. This movie is similar towards both the animated and real life versions because on the roles that each animal hold dear toward the child. There roles take them to form a journey of  self-discovery with some of his friends,as Mowgli finds he is no longer welcome in the jungle when fearsome tiger Sheree Khan, who bears the scars of Man, promises to eliminate what he sees as a threat. It’s a film that shows a value on life lessons tide with fun and adventure that causes self- taught.


  • Beauty and the Beast (1991 / 2017)


“It’s not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything.”

Beauty and the best has continually shown the idea mainly around love. Love may at most symbolize something small and not as important but as always this movie has broken barriers. Belle’s love for books is one thing but her love for her father has broken the risks that she willingly puts herself in to help those she loves and cares about. When she falls for the beast, it shows the idea that love isn’t as most people expect due to looks or their wealth. It also portrays that love can break any spell due to the fact that when Belle confessed that she loved the beast, the spell was broken. She has shown that idea that as books, we shouldn’t judge someone by the things revolving them-cover- but on what’s inside that should be cared most on. This new version shows Emma Watson as Belle showing the new generation what the movie hold most. From an animation to a real live movie it will contain the same characters but it will be better because of the new effects added to make it a more magical experience. Although it is yet to come out on March 17, 2017 it is one of the many disney movies that many are excited to see.

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