Affordable Health Care Removal

By: Anthony Ramirez, Karen Martinez, Laura Herrera

Ever since Trump was elected president he has created terror and discomfort among many people in America, especially those who are considered minorities and those who are a part of the lower social classes. Recently, Trump’s effort to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has risen fear in many who depend on affordable health care. Luckily, as of now Trump’s failure to eliminate the Affordable Care Act despite the majority of Republicans has restored some faith in those who rely on Obamacare.


If Trump were to be successful in his attempt to put an end to Obamacare many people would be upset due to the fact that millions of people would be deprived of the ability to purchase medicine and medical services at prices that correlate with their income. Yanet Cortez, a Junior, claims that when she heard that there was an effort being made to remove the Affordable Care Act she felt, “very sad because many people rely on that type of care…if they take it away they’re gonna die.” Miguel Sandoval, a teacher at APB states that he, “Was worried about the country…20 million people that got insured, those people are looking at either getting health coverage, being able to pay their rent, or going to the emergency room.” Yanet and Sandoval both share similar feelings as they know that removing the program would bring problems to the families and individuals whose income is too low to pay for health care services.


The main group of people that would have been affected would be minorities and the poor, Kathleen Ortiz claims, “Minorities would be affected because we do not have enough money to pay medical bills.” Sandoval believes, “Lowest income people,  the elderly, young children, anyone who makes minimum wage or lower, medicare and medicaid would be heavily defended, as a result the people with the least recourses would have even less.” Minorities and the poor would have to pay full price for services and medicines which are provided by programs such as Obamacare at reduced or no cost. This affects many heavily as most barely make enough money to be able to pay the rent and provide basic needs for themselves and their families, without it a simple sickness could result in hundreds of dollars of debt that will not be payed, resulting in a negative effect on the people and the economy.


Although Trump’s first attempt to eradicate Obamacare was unsuccessful, it is still at risk due to the fact that many of the people in powerful positions are Republicans, this potential worries many as there is the constant possibility of losing their health care. On the contrary Sandoval believes, “Republican senators and representatives are being held accountable by their constituencies and the people who know they’ll be affected are beginning to be organized, if they do so they are risking not being re-elected.” Despite the fact that Obamacare is at risk, it is safe to say that people will not sit around with their arms crossed, they will go out and fight for their rights, which in this case is access to reasonable prices in terms of health services and medicine.


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