Stop Obesity

As noticed, obesity is common in many teens which can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart failure, etc. at a young age.  When trying to solve the issue, one focuses on the focal point of what leads teens to become obese, apart from excess eating and the absence of exercise. From experience I know that teens eat more and move less due to the pressure teachers put on students to keep up with their classes which hardly gives them time to actually stay active. Many factors blamed for obesity are the overuse of technology, lack of participation in physical activities, and the irresistible taste of hyper-palatable foods. Since this is constantly reminded among teens, schools pressure students to exceed their limits in order to stay active during physical education classes, using less technology when one gets outside of school which is almost impossible because most assigned assignments are over the internet, and students choosing healthier food options. Obviously this isn’t working because many teens are still having trouble with remaining in the healthy weight they are supposed to be in.

When people think of losing weight, the idea of too much working out and how hard it is comes into place. I believe in order to alter teenagers’ daily life, one needs to praise being healthy and feeling good rather than focusing on losing weight. Weight loss is just another benefit of being more physically active. If one lags on being physically active then it can make one fat and people tend to give up on the idea that they can change that, then they will not even think of improving their life. One may think of how they have tried before but it is too difficult to keep doing and they will use that as an excuse to not try different ways to become a healthier individual. However, this should not prevent one from wanting to enhance their lifestyle and become more physically active. Instead of letting themselves become obese and thinking about how it’s too late, they still have the opportunity of making a change and start their pathway to a healthy life that will make them see an upgrade.

Many people do not have reasons to desire a healthier lifestyle and they give in easily to hyperpalatable foods (fattening foods). Another reason many do not even think of being more physically active is because just the thought of working out makes one feel lazier, on the other hand, if one enjoys the workouts then they will aspire to do it often. If being more physically active involves having fun, they more people would want to adjoin. If we can create a trend in which everyone is being more physically active and motivating more people to join each other, then more people would want to do it. If everyone finds someone to go with them and motivate each other and see either physical or mental results (being more satisfied with the world or oneself), then more people would want to connect. For example, one can think of what makes them feel hungry all the time. From experience, I can assume that many get lazy after they eat any food or certain types of foods. One can figure out if its junk foods that make one feel tired in order to avoid those foods and stimulate one to be more physically active. Identically, one can think of their daily routines and figure out the connection with their daily activity and why they avoid being active. In other words, if laying down and watching tv drives one to not desire to do anything, then maybe they should clean instead or do something that will not make one feel this way. Finding the core reasons of what keeps one from being more active will assist in craving the enhancement of one’s life and later feeling like a successful individual. If the way that the issue is approached is altered with small steps, then many will want to add physical activity to their daily routine. I know this can motivate many teens in my school because they see results in me (I have applied these techniques to my life) and I can motivate many to become more active with me. My experience and results will inspire many to follow the path I have taken to earn the same results as me. Since weight loss is the targeted goal, then not many will feel the urge to more physically active due to laziness and how boring the idea sounds. However, now the targeted goal can relate to having fun and it will involve being active more often stimulating many to become physically active. Rogelio Najera, Joshua Villagomez and Gisselle de Jesus are some of the people who wanted to be the better version of themselves. Their effort and determination allowed them to become physically and mentally successful as they became more confident about themselves.

By Esthefany Anzaldo and Jazmin Arrreguin

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