Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

By Victor Patino and Angelica Cortes

Star Wars and Star Trek are two fictional films and shows that have surpassed time itself. These two have been on air for over a decade. The two films/shows have a complete different scenario yet they hold something so similar. Both of the films/shows are talking about the future in our lives. It shows a life where they all go through with an adventure trying to save something of meaning. Both have gone through a trip where it goes from shows to movies.

Star Wars and Star Trek are two productions that have made a interest among some viewers that have allowed people to identify one way or another.

They all together have both similarities and differences. Both take place decades later and are all over the galaxy, places unknown to us at the moment.

Star Wars

Star Wars has been around since the 1970s, attracting all age groups to  become part of its fandom where there are some die hard fans and more casual viewers. Since the first episode, Star Wars created a story from where a rebellion fights back against their corrupt and destructive government, gathering forces and allies from different planets with Luke Skywalker, the main protagonist, leading the charge against the vile Emperor Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Vader, Luke’s father.

Star Trek

Star Trek , shows to movies, varies in each disk. In every movie, they have a different battle while they are on missions where they try to make peace with other planets or try to discover more places. A group of a variation stories are all together where they help each other. James T.Kirk, Spock, Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu, Uhura, Leonard McCoy Aka Bones,Scotty and keenser are the some of the characters that have taken a main part in the story where they, together travel on the USS Enterprise. They all have a different story and different personalities but they are a group that are tied together through every new battle.

Every piece of the films add up to an adventure where they not only travel and fight together but do anything in there power to help others wherever they are not caring about their history.

It shows a team completely different working around their relationships, their lives and forming into a family.

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