Fidget Spinners

Today’s top trend toy that has caused a lot of commotion are the fidget spinners. These toys are said to be useful for kids with autism and attention disorders. Fidget spinners are rolling toys with blades on the sides that rotate between your fingers. The movement of this toy is meant to cause a satisfactory sensation. Not only does it spin but it is also used to make tricks which manyfidget-spinner-red.JPG (640×640) have used to make YouTube videos about. They are very famous on social media and it became very known in such a little amount of time. People record themselves doing different tricks and moving them on different positions on social media and post about it. It is said that this toy makes an individual with certain disorders concentrate more.

Fidget spinners are liked by many kids and people but it is a frustration for a teacher to have one of her students playing with it during class. Teachers dislike it very much and even refer to it as “annoying spinners thingy” (Fidget spinners: What are they). There has been many schools banning these toys because of their frustration. In Massachusetts, Brooklyn, New York, Florida Chicago and in many other countries the fidget spinners have been banned because teachers don’t think they are effective at making their students focus more.

Even though I understand the teacher’s frustration, I think banning this toy was a bad decision. It might not help everyone but it helps those with anxiety, people with autism and people who get easily distracted. “Occupational therapist often used sensory toys to soothe kids who have sensory process issues” (livescience, why are they a controversy). Even though these toys might get irritating it helps many people and in my opinion I don’t think it is fair to ban something that is very helpful for them. Many people think differently but I think schools should come to an agreement and let the people who need this device to concentrate use them. Fidgeting can sometimes occupy your mind from toxic thought710x528_16052839_9400949_1476278732.jpg (710×528)s. This helps a lot because body movement are actually part of the thinking and expressing process. Fidgeting helps you think and express yourself.

I personally have a fidget spinner that glows in the dark and I find it helpful for me when I’m mad or nervous about something. I tend to get nervous a lot and when I use the fidget spinner it helps me stop thinking about how nervous I am and instead helps me focus more on the spinning and the feeling sensation I get when I move it from side to side. I think if it was useful and helpful to me it might be for others too.

By Jazmin Arreguin and Esthefany Anzaldo

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